21st Domestic Airfare Hike Attempt of 2011 – Failed

UPDATE: Dec. 5 – Sunday night, US Airways began rolling back its airfare hike and Delta followed suit Monday morning so it is not sticking and we are now branding this latest hike attempt a “failure.”

UPDATE: Dec. 2 – Others have begun matching, with Delta matching most aggressively, mostly on JetBlue overlap.

EARLIER: This evening (Thursday, Dec. 1), JetBlue initiated a modest broad-based $6 round-trip airfare hike on a significant number of the carrier’s domestic routes, which was later matched by US Airways which extended the hike well past the JetBlue network.

Listen as I talk about the airfare hike and what it means to you.

This latest hike attempt follows activity started Wednesday by Delta, which raised prices by $4 to $10 round-trip to several Florida destinations plus Las Vegas and Phoenix – activity which was widely matched later in the day as well as early Thursday.

This is the 21st attempted airfare hike of 2011. So far, nine of these attempts have been successful. More updates on the latest increase as the information becomes available.



Published: December 2, 2011