Analysis: U.S. Airlines Reportedly Investigated for Alleged “Collusion” by Justice Dept.

According to the Associated Press, the U.S. Department of Justice is investigating “whether airlines are colluding to grow at a slower pace as part of an effort to keep airfares high.” The AP quotes a DOJ spokeswoman who called it an antitrust investigation into potential “unlawful coordination” among some airlines,… Read More

JetBlue Plane tails.

JetBlue Adds Bag Fee to Cheapest Flights

We saw this coming. JetBlue has added a first-checked bag fee to the cheapest of its new fare options. Here’s how it works. LISTEN: As Rick Seaney says, “And then there was one.” JetBlue: $20 Checked-Bag Fee If you book the cheapest JetBlue flight possible – a fare option called… Read More

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Yes, $99 Cross-Country Cheap Flights Still Exist

Airfare analyst and FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney has long called $99 one-way cross-country fares “the holy grail for flyers.” Incredible price, right? Like something out of the 1980s People Express playbook. But once in a while, such cheap fares reappear. Cheap Flights for $99 (and up) It happened yesterday (June… Read More

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Latest Airfare Hike Fails

UPDATE June 22, 2015: Over the weekend, legacy carriers began rolling back their new higher prices and airfare analyst Rick Seaney is now declaring the hike a failure. This was the second airfare hike attempt in June; the first attempt was successful. See the updated chart below. Original post from… Read More