Gadgets on Planes

Airlines and Wi-Fi – Most Connected Carriers

If you want to work on a plane or watch a movie or just stay in the loop, good news from the folks at RouteHappy (an air travel data, content and tools provider). Its new, comprehensive study indicates it’s getting easier to find Wi-Fi on flights. Wi-Fi Connected U.S. Airlines:… Read More

Canals of Venice

Most Romantic Getaways

Love needs no special location. Passion thrives in Paducah just as easily as Paris. But if you’d like to celebrate your love by taking a special trip – for Valentine’s Day or anytime – consider a romantic getaway to one of these U.S. and international destinations. Perfect Destinations for All… Read More

Airport Security

Top U.S. Airports for Guns in Carry-on Bags

2014 was a record year for firearms discovered in luggage in U.S. airports. According to the TSA, 2,212 guns were found – and more than 80 percent of them were loaded. 22% Increase in Gun Confiscations To be fair, that’s not much considering security officers screened more than 650 million… Read More

SkyMall's Garden Yeti

SkyMall: A Trip Down Memory Lane

It’s unclear if today’s bankruptcy filing by omnipresent airplane seatback catalog SkyMall is the end for the venerable marketplace-in-the sky, but that seems to be a distinct possibility. As the Wall Street Journal says, SkyMall’s CEO will try to sell the business as a going concern but has no buyers… Read More