On the Move

Frontier and Southwest Drop Ticket Prices

FareCompare CEO and airfare analyst Rick Seaney has pinpointed two recent airfare price drops by Frontier and Southwest Airlines. “This is a rare occurrence,” said Seaney, adding, “I haven’t seen anything like this – two airlines that drop ticket prices – in several years.” What makes the drops even more interesting… Read More

Southwest Plane

Southwest Hikes Fee for Early Boarding, Better Seats

Airlines don’t normally publicize fee hikes so we failed to notice Southwest’s EarlyBird fee jumped from $12.50 to $15 last month; luckily one of our alert readers did spot it. So is the higher-priced fee still worth it? LISTEN: It sure can be worth it, says travel expert Rick Seaney. Southwest… Read More

American Airlines plane flying.

American Airlines Drops Most Traditional Airfare Sales – At Least for Now

FareCompare’s Deals Blog has publicized a wide variety of sales from U.S. and international carriers for nearly a decade but we have seen no ‘traditional’ flight-only airfare sales from American Airlines since December. What’s up? New marketing strategy. LISTEN: Airfare expert Rick Seaney adds his 2+ cents. American “Rethinking” Traditional Sales FareCompare contacted American and received this response by email:… Read More

Best of the Bunch

Best and Worst Airlines in the U.S. – Surprise!

According to the 2016 edition of the Airline Quality Rating report, the best airline in the U.S. is Virgin America. Take a bow, Virgin but hurry. The Virgin America brand may soon disappear thanks to its recently-announced acquisition by Alaska Airlines. Best and Worst Airlines in the U.S. In case you’re wondering,… Read More

Alasks Airlines New Look

What the Alaska, Virgin America Merger Means for Flyers

“Merger mania is not over,” says air travel expert and FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney and the latest example is the recently announced union of stodgy (Alaska) and stylish (Virgin America) or what Seaney calls “old school consumer vs. new school consumer.” Neither description does either airline justice but beyond that,… Read More