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Cheap Flights from Tokyo to California

Did You Know?

There are no medium haul direct flights between Tokyo and California.
Tokyo has 101 long haul flights nonstop to California each week.
The lengthiest nonstop flight from Tokyo to California lasts 10:20.
There are no short haul direct flights between Tokyo and California.
The quickest nonstop flight from Tokyo to California lasts 9:05.
There are 79 nonstop flights per week from Tokyo and California on medium sized aircraft.
The largest aircraft flying nonstop from Tokyo to California is the Airbus A380-800 with 471 seats.
The longest nonstop flight between Tokyo and California is 5,543 miles.

Cheap International Flights from Tokyo - TYO

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Cheap International Flights to California - CA

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Cheap Flights from Tokyo to California - from ¥81037 Round trip from TYO to CA