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Cheap Flights to Sri Lanka

Popular Flights to Sri Lanka

Did You Know?

  • There are 37,186 international flights per week out of Sri Lanka.
  • There are 25 carriers operating within Sri Lanka.
  • The longest flights out of Sri Lanka is 5,413 miles.
  • There are flights to 19 different countries from Sri Lanka.
  • There are 37,186 seats available for international travel out of Sri Lanka per week.
  • The shortest international flight from Sri Lanka is 221 miles.
  • There are 1 airports operating within Sri Lanka.

Cheap International Flights to Sri Lanka - LK

Lowest Price
Qatar, Malaysia, Air India, Srilankan Airlines, Emirates, Etihad, Thai, Singapore, Jet India, Cathay
Mihin Lanka, Srilankan Airlines, Emirates, Air India, Jet India
Air India, China E, Jet India, Turkish, Kuwait, Flydubai, Srilankan Airlines, Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabian, Qatar, Mihin Lanka
Jet India, Singapore, Srilankan Airlines, Malaysia, Thai, Cathay, Emirates, Etihad
Mihin Lanka, Jet India, Srilankan Airlines, Air India, Emirates
Air France, American, Air Canada, Japan, Jet India, Turkish, Saudi Arabian, Korean, China E, Cathay, Srilankan Airlines, Alitalia, Etihad, Singapore, Emirates, KLM
Singapore, Etihad, Emirates, Srilankan Airlines, Jet India, Cathay, Malaysia, Thai
Oman, Etihad, Saudi Arabian, Qatar, Flydubai, Emirates, Srilankan Airlines
Jet India, Srilankan Airlines, Emirates, Mihin Lanka, Air India
Emirates, Qantas, China E, Cathay, Jet India, Korean, Air India, Thai, Srilankan Airlines, Etihad, Singapore, Malaysia, Virgin Australia
Air India, Qatar, Virgin Australia, Emirates, Malaysia, China E, Etihad, Srilankan Airlines, Singapore, Qantas, Thai, Cathay, Jet India
Emirates, Srilankan Airlines, Air India, Jet India, Mihin Lanka
Emirates, Korean, British Airways, Srilankan Airlines, Mihin Lanka, China E
British Airways, KLM, Turkish, Jet India, China E, Srilankan Airlines, Thai, Kuwait, Emirates, Korean, Etihad, Singapore, Royal Jordanian, Alitalia, Saudi Arabian, Malaysia, Air Berlin, Air France, Qatar, Oman
Flydubai, Etihad, Jet India, Srilankan Airlines, Kuwait, Royal Jordanian, Oman, Emirates, Qatar, Saudi Arabian
Srilankan Airlines, Jet India, Thai, Malaysia, China E, Cathay, Etihad, Seychelles, Korean, Emirates
Srilankan Airlines, Qatar, Turkish, Emirates, Oman, Mihin Lanka, Saudi Arabian, Flydubai, Etihad, Kuwait, Jet India
Emirates, Oman, Mihin Lanka, Qatar, Saudi Arabian, Kuwait, Etihad, Srilankan Airlines, Flydubai, Jet India
Srilankan Airlines, Turkish, Jet India, Kuwait, Etihad, Oman, Mihin Lanka, Qatar, Saudi Arabian
Virgin Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Cathay, Etihad, China E, Qantas, Thai, Korean, Emirates
Jet India, Mihin Lanka, Srilankan Airlines, Emirates
Srilankan Airlines, Mihin Lanka, Jet India, Emirates
Etihad, Flydubai, Singapore, Mihin Lanka, Qatar, Emirates, Srilankan Airlines, Jet India, Thai, Malaysia, China E
Cheap Flights to Sri Lanka, Airfares Starting at KWD81 Round trip for Sri Lanka Flights (LK)