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Cheap Flights to Peshawar

Did You Know?

2 large aircraft fly nonstop into Peshawar each week.
The most popular carrier for connecting flights to Peshawar is Etihad with 18% of the connecting flights.
12 airlines operate in Peshawar.
The smallest aircraft flying into Peshawar is the ATR 42 / ATR 72 with 46 seats.
The lengthiest nonstop flight to Peshawar lasts 6:50.
14,217 seats are available per week to fly nonstop into Peshawar.
Peshawar has 82 incoming nonstop flights each week.
2,904 miles is the distance of the longest flight into Peshawar.

Cheap International Flights from Peshawar - PEW

Lowest Price
Emirates, Qatar, Gulf Air, Saudi Arabian
Emirates, Qatar, Gulf Air, Etihad, Saudi Arabian, Pakistan
Emirates, flynas, Qatar, Pakistan, Gulf Air, Rak, Saudi Arabian, Etihad
Qatar, Pakistan, Saudi Arabian, Etihad, Gulf Air, Emirates
Gulf Air, Rak, Saudi Arabian, flynas, Emirates, Etihad, Qatar
Etihad, Qatar, Gulf Air, Saudi Arabian
Etihad, Saudi Arabian, Rak, Gulf Air, Qatar, Emirates
Qatar, Saudi Arabian, Gulf Air, Etihad, Emirates

Cheap International Flights to Peshawar - PEW

Lowest Price
Saudi Arabian, Pakistan, Emirates, Etihad, Qatar, Gulf Air
Emirates, Gulf Air, Qatar
Pakistan, Qatar, Saudi Arabian, Emirates, Etihad, Gulf Air
Etihad, Gulf Air, Qatar
Gulf Air, Saudi Arabian, Emirates, Rak, Etihad, Qatar, flynas, Pakistan
Qatar, flynas, Etihad, Gulf Air, Rak, Saudi Arabian, Emirates
Etihad, Emirates, Qatar, Rak, Gulf Air
Etihad, Saudi Arabian, Emirates, Qatar, Gulf Air
Etihad, Qatar, Pakistan, Emirates
Etihad, Pakistan, Qatar, Emirates
Saudi Arabian, Emirates, Etihad
Emirates, Etihad
Emirates, Etihad, Saudi Arabian, Gulf Air, Qatar, Pakistan
Emirates, Etihad, Pakistan
Emirates, Gulf Air, Qatar, Saudi Arabian, Etihad
Qatar, Emirates, Etihad, Saudi Arabian, Pakistan
Etihad, Virgin Australia, Emirates
Etihad, Emirates, Saudi Arabian, Gulf Air, flynas, Qatar
Emirates, Gulf Air, Etihad, Qatar
Gulf Air, Etihad, Emirates, Saudi Arabian, Qatar
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Cheap Flights to Peshawar - Airfares Starting at KWD95 round trip for Peshawar flights (PEW)