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Cheap Flights from Perth to Hong Kong, Hong Kong - PER to HKG

Did You Know?

Only one airline operates between Perth, AU and Hong Kong.
2,420 seats are available per week to fly direct from Perth, AU to Hong Kong.
Cathay Pacific Airways has 10 nonstop flights between Perth, AU and Hong Kong.
Cathay Pacific Airways provides 100% of the nonstop flights from Perth, AU to Hong Kong.
The smallest aircraft flying nonstop from Perth, AU to Hong Kong is the Airbus A330-300 with 242 seats.
The shortest nonstop flight between Perth, AU and Hong Kong is 3747 miles.
70% of all flights from Perth, AU to Hong Kong leave during night hours.
The quickest nonstop flight from Perth, AU to Hong Kong lasts 7:50.

Daily Non-stop Flight Schedules from Perth International to Chek Lap Kok

Earliest Flight
Latest Flight
7:10 AM
11:55 PM

Cheap International Flights from Perth - PER

Lowest Price
Qantas, Thai, China Eastern, Cathay, JAL, Garuda, Asiana, Singapore, Virgin Australia, China Southern, Malaysia
China Eastern, JAL, Virgin Australia, Singapore, China Southern
Asiana, Thai, China Eastern
Thai, Virgin Australia, China Eastern, Cathay, Malaysia, Singapore, Garuda, Asiana, JAL, Qantas, China Southern
Malaysia, Virgin Australia, Singapore, Asiana, Garuda, JAL, Cathay, China Eastern, Thai, Qantas, China Southern
Qantas, Emirates, Virgin Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, British Airways, Garuda, Asiana, China Eastern, Thai, China Southern, Cathay
Qantas, China Eastern, Cathay, Thai, JAL, Virgin Australia, Malaysia, Singapore, Asiana, Garuda, China Southern
China Eastern, Thai, Qantas, China Southern, Malaysia, Cathay, Asiana, Singapore
China Eastern, Garuda, Singapore, Malaysia, Thai, China Southern, Asiana, Cathay
Asiana, Garuda, Cathay, China Southern, Thai, China Eastern, British Airways, Virgin Australia, Singapore, Malaysia, Jetstar Asia, Emirates, Qantas
Qantas, China Southern, China Eastern, Thai, Cathay, British Airways, Singapore, Malaysia, Virgin Australia, Garuda
China Southern, Thai, Malaysia, Cathay, Virgin Australia, Singapore, China Eastern
Malaysia, Virgin Australia, Qantas, China Southern, Jetstar, Cathay, Garuda, Asiana, Singapore
Singapore, Virgin Australia, Asiana, Malaysia, China Eastern, Thai, Cathay, China Southern
Cathay, Thai, Qantas, Garuda, China Southern, Malaysia, JAL, Singapore, China Eastern, Asiana
Malaysia, Air Mauritius, American, Virgin Australia, Qatar, Qantas, Delta, Garuda, JAL, Jet Airways, Air New Zealand, Thai, Virgin Atlantic, China Southern, China Eastern, Cathay, Lufthansa, Singapore, Emirates, United, South African, British Airways, Finnair, SAS, Austrian, Asiana, KLM, Kenya, Etihad
Jet Airways, Thai, China Eastern, Asiana, Etihad, Singapore, Malaysia, Virgin Australia, Air Mauritius, Qatar, Emirates, Qantas, China Southern, Cathay
China Eastern, Thai, Singapore, Asiana, Virgin Australia, Cathay, Malaysia, Qantas, China Southern
China Southern, Virgin Australia, Cathay, China Eastern, Singapore
Cathay, China Eastern, China Southern
Malaysia, China Eastern, China Southern, Cathay, Qantas
Asiana, Cathay, China Eastern
Singapore, Thai, China Southern, Malaysia, China Eastern, Cathay, Virgin Australia
Qatar, Cathay, Jet Airways, Etihad, Singapore, Thai, Malaysia, Virgin Australia, Qantas, Emirates, South African, Air Mauritius
Etihad, Virgin Australia, Qatar, Air New Zealand, American, United, South African, Cathay, China Eastern, Qantas, China Southern, JAL, Finnair, Singapore, Malaysia, Delta, Emirates
Singapore, Cathay, China Eastern, Malaysia, China Southern, Thai, Qantas, Virgin Australia
Singapore, Qantas, China Southern, China Eastern, Cathay, Kenya, Emirates, Qatar, Air Mauritius, Malaysia, Thai
Cathay, China Southern, China Eastern
Garuda, Cathay, Kenya, KLM, Asiana, Austrian, British Airways, China Eastern, China Southern, Thai, JAL, Qantas, Qatar, Virgin Australia, Air Mauritius, Malaysia, Etihad, Lufthansa, Emirates, American, Finnair, United, Singapore
Cheap Flights from Perth to Hong Kong, Hong Kong, from $774 Round trip from PER to HKG