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Cheap Flights from Nairobi to Asia

Did You Know?

The largest aircraft flying nonstop from Nairobi, KE to Asia is the Boeing 787-8 Dreamliner with 250 seats.
Kenya provides 100% of the nonstop flights from Nairobi, KE to Asia.
Nairobi, KE connects with 3 cities within Asia nonstop.
Kenya has 24 nonstop flights between Nairobi, KE and Asia.
There are 24 nonstop flights from Nairobi, KE to Asia.
The longest nonstop flight between Nairobi, KE and Asia is 4,895 miles.
There are no medium haul direct flights between Nairobi, KE and Asia.
There are no short haul direct flights between Nairobi, KE and Asia.

Cheap International Flights from Nairobi - NBO

Lowest Price
Air France, Ethiopian, Etihad, British Airways, Swiss, KLM, China Southern, Kenya, Air Mauritius, Qatar, Turkish, Korean, Emirates, South African
Air France, Korean, Emirates, Etihad, Saudi Arabian, China Southern, Kenya, Turkish, KLM, Swiss, Qatar, Ethiopian
Emirates, Korean, Saudi Arabian, Etihad, KLM, China Southern, Qatar
Turkish, KLM, Etihad, Saudi Arabian, Yemenia, Air France, Qatar, Korean, Emirates, Kenya, China Southern
Korean, Air France, KLM, Qatar, Etihad
Etihad, Emirates, China Southern, Saudi Arabian, Turkish, Qatar
China Southern, KLM, Korean, Emirates
Kenya, Saudi Arabian, Turkish, Qatar, Air France, Korean, Emirates, Etihad, KLM
Turkish, Qatar, Korean, Emirates, Etihad, China Southern
Qatar, Etihad, Korean, Air France, Turkish, China Southern
Qatar, Etihad, Air France, KLM, Emirates, Turkish, Kenya, Korean, China Southern
Qatar, China Southern, Korean, Kenya, Etihad
Korean, China Southern, Qatar, Etihad
Qatar, Etihad, Korean, China Southern
Etihad, Turkish
Turkish, KLM, Etihad
Turkish, Korean
Korean, China Southern
Qatar, Egyptair, Etihad, Emirates, Air France, Korean, Brussels, Swiss, Turkish, Kenya, China Southern, Ethiopian, KLM
Swiss, Ethiopian, Kenya, Jet Airways, Turkish, KLM, Yemenia, Brussels, Etihad, Egyptair, Saudi Arabian, Air Mauritius, South African, Emirates, Korean, Air India, Qatar, Air France
Saudi Arabian, Ethiopian, Air Mauritius, Air India, Emirates, Brussels, Swiss, KLM, Turkish, Jet Airways, Kenya, China Southern, Air France, South African, Qatar, Etihad
Turkish, Qatar, Emirates, Korean, China Southern, Air France, Ethiopian, Saudi Arabian, Egyptair, KLM, Kenya
KLM, Turkish, Kenya, China Southern, Etihad, Qatar, Egyptair, Emirates, Air France, Ethiopian, Air Mauritius, Yemenia, Saudi Arabian, Korean
Emirates, South African, Egyptair, British Airways, KLM, China Southern, Korean, Turkish, Air France, Qatar, Ethiopian, Brussels, Etihad
Cheap Flights from Nairobi to Asia, from $373 Round trip from NBO to asia