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Cheap Flights to Monastir

Did You Know?

45% of all flights to Monastir arrive during evening hours.
TunisAir provides 41% of the connecting flights to Monastir.
Monastir receives 3 nonstop domestic flights each week.
81 miles is the distance of the shortest flight into Monastir.
Monastir has 38 incoming nonstop flights each week.
There are 35 nonstop international flights per week into Monastir.
Monastir connects with 12 cities nonstop.
8 nonstop long haul flights fly into Monastir in a week.

Cheap International Flights from Monastir - MIR

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Syphax, TunisAir, Nouvelair
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Cheap Flights to Monastir - Airfares Starting at €98 round trip for Monastir flights (MIR)