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Cheap Flights to Mombasa

Did You Know?

Mombasa receives 111 nonstop domestic flights each week.
Mombasa has 155 incoming nonstop flights each week.
Mombasa receives 10 nonstop long haul flights each week.
44 nonstop international flights fly into Mombasa in a week.
The shortest flight into Mombasa is 154 miles.
The quickest nonstop flight to Mombasa lasts 0:45.
Only one large aircraft flies nonstop into Mombasa.
17,280 seats are available per week to fly nonstop into Mombasa.

Cheap Domestic Flights from Mombasa - MBA

Lowest Price
Five Fourty, Kenya

Cheap Domestic Flights to Mombasa - MBA

Lowest Price
Kenya, Five Fourty

Cheap International Flights from Mombasa - MBA

Lowest Price
Swiss, Ethiopian, Turkish, Kenya, Condor, KLM, Lufthansa, Air France
Turkish, Kenya, Ethiopian
Kenya, Ethiopian, KLM, Air France, Turkish
Swiss, Condor, Air France, KLM, Ethiopian, Turkish, Kenya, Lufthansa
Turkish, Ethiopian, Kenya, Air France, KLM
Lufthansa, Air France, KLM, Turkish, Ethiopian, Kenya, Swiss

Cheap International Flights to Mombasa - MBA

Lowest Price
Ethiopian, KLM, Air France, Kenya, Swiss, Lufthansa, Condor, Turkish
Air France, KLM, Turkish, Kenya, Ethiopian
Air France, Lufthansa, Ethiopian, Turkish, Kenya, KLM
Ethiopian, Condor, Air France, Swiss, KLM, Turkish, Lufthansa, Kenya
Lufthansa, Turkish, KLM, Air France
Turkish, Kenya, Lufthansa, Air France, Ethiopian, Swiss, KLM
KLM, Lufthansa, Swiss, Air France, Kenya, Ethiopian, Turkish
Lufthansa, Air France, Swiss, KLM, Ethiopian, Turkish
Kenya, Ethiopian, Turkish, KLM, Air France, Swiss, Lufthansa
KLM, Turkish, Kenya, Ethiopian, Air France
Condor, Kenya, KLM, Air France, Swiss, Lufthansa, Turkish
Ethiopian, Swiss, KLM, Turkish, Lufthansa, Air France
Ethiopian, Kenya
Condor, Jetairfly, Ethiopian, Turkish, Air France, Swiss, Lufthansa, KLM
Swiss, Turkish, Ethiopian, Air France, Condor, Lufthansa
Turkish, KLM, Swiss, Air France, Lufthansa
Lufthansa, Turkish, KLM, Kenya, Ethiopian, Air France
Lufthansa, Turkish, Swiss, Air France, KLM, Kenya
Swiss, Turkish, KLM, Ethiopian, Air France, Lufthansa, Meridiana, Kenya
Turkish, KLM, Air France, Lufthansa
Air France, Ethiopian, Swiss, Meridiana, KLM, Turkish, Lufthansa
Turkish, Kenya, Ethiopian, KLM, Air France, Swiss
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Cheap Flights to Mombasa - Airfares Starting at $119 round trip for Mombasa flights (MBA)