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Did You Know?

  • The longest flights out of Mauritius is 6,075 miles.
  • There are 2 airports operating within Mauritius.
  • There are 3,456 seats available for travel within Mauritius on a weekly basis.
  • The shortest international flight from Mauritius is 144 miles.
  • There are 15,967 international flights per week out of Mauritius.
  • There are flights to 15 different countries from Mauritius.
  • There are 15,967 seats available for international travel out of Mauritius per week.
  • There are 12 carriers operating within Mauritius.

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Mauritius, Austral, Air France, British Airways, Madagascar, S African
Kenya, Egyptair, S African, Emirates, Air India, Air France, Mauritius
Mauritius, Emirates, Malaysia, Kenya, Air France
Air India, Lufthansa, Emirates, Mauritius, Kenya, Air France, S African
Malaysia, Mauritius, Air France, Emirates, Egyptair
Mauritius, S African, British Airways
Air France, Kenya, Malaysia, Emirates
Austral, Emirates, Air India, Mauritius
Transaero Airlines, Seychelles, British Airways, Egyptair, Mauritius, Air France, Lufthansa, S African, Emirates, Kenya, Condor, SWISS
Mauritius, Kenya, S African, Emirates, Air France
Emirates, Mauritius, Air India, Air France
Mauritius, Air France, British Airways, S African
Seychelles, Emirates, British Airways, Lufthansa, Air France
Emirates, Kenya, Mauritius, S African
Cheap Flights to Mauritius, Airfares Starting at £621 Round trip for Mauritius Flights (MU)