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Cheap Flights to Libya

Did You Know?

The quickest nonstop flight to Libya lasts 0:10.
3 airlines operate in Libya.
The largest aircraft flying into Libya is the Airbus A330 with 335 seats.
The lengthiest nonstop flight to Libya lasts 6:00.
There are 44 domestic flights per week into Libya.
The longest flight into Libya is 1,692 miles.
The shortest flight into Libya is 201 miles.
The smallest aircraft flying into Libya is the British Aerospace 146 with 85 seats.

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Cheap International Flights to Libya - LY

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Egyptair, British Airways, Alitalia, Libyan, Austrian, Air Malta, Turkish, Afriqiyah, Lufthansa, TunisAir, Qatar
Qatar, Alitalia, Afriqiyah, TunisAir, Emirates, Royal Jordanian, Egyptair, Turkish
Royal Jordanian, British Airways, TunisAir, Alitalia, Qatar, Lufthansa, Air Malta, Turkish, Afriqiyah, Libyan, Egyptair
Lufthansa, Austrian, Emirates, Etihad, Royal Jordanian, Egyptair, Turkish, Qatar
Afriqiyah, Turkish, Air Malta, Libyan, TunisAir, Egyptair
Turkish, Alitalia, British Airways, Egyptair, Air Algerie, Qatar, Lufthansa, TunisAir, Austrian, Air Malta, Afriqiyah, Royal Air Maroc
Austrian, Alitalia, British Airways, Egyptair, Lufthansa, Emirates, Turkish
Egyptair, Turkish, Air Malta, Qatar, Lufthansa, TunisAir, British Airways, Libyan
Emirates, Qatar, Lufthansa, Royal Jordanian, Etihad, Alitalia, Austrian, Turkish, Egyptair
Austrian, Turkish, TunisAir, Libyan, Air Malta, Alitalia, British Airways, Egyptair, Qatar, Lufthansa, Royal Jordanian
TunisAir, Lufthansa, Qatar, Egyptair, British Airways, Alitalia, Austrian, Air Malta, Turkish, Afriqiyah
Libyan, Air Malta, Turkish, Afriqiyah, TunisAir, Egyptair, Royal Jordanian
TunisAir, Turkish, Royal Jordanian, Egyptair, Afriqiyah
Egyptair, British Airways, TunisAir, Alitalia, Turkish, Austrian, Air Malta, Lufthansa
Egyptair, Turkish, Air Malta, Libyan, TunisAir
TunisAir, Egyptair, Royal Jordanian, Etihad, Afriqiyah, Turkish, Libyan, Alitalia
Lufthansa, British Airways, Egyptair, Qatar, Emirates, Alitalia, Austrian, Turkish, Royal Air Maroc
TunisAir, Lufthansa, Qatar, Royal Jordanian, Egyptair, British Airways, Alitalia, Austrian, Air Malta, Turkish
Egyptair, Royal Jordanian, Turkish, Qatar, Lufthansa, Emirates, Etihad
Lufthansa, British Airways, Egyptair, Qatar, Emirates, Alitalia, Austrian, Turkish
Turkish, Egyptair, Royal Jordanian
Turkish, Lufthansa
Egyptair, British Airways, Lufthansa, Qatar, Air Malta, Turkish, Alitalia
Alitalia, Egyptair, Afriqiyah, Turkish, Qatar, Royal Jordanian, Etihad, Emirates, Libyan
Turkish, Alitalia, Royal Jordanian, Etihad, Egyptair, Qatar
TunisAir, Egyptair, Libyan, Turkish, Afriqiyah, Royal Jordanian
Emirates, Qatar, Etihad
TunisAir, Alitalia, Libyan, Lufthansa, Turkish, Afriqiyah, Syphax
Emirates, Turkish, Qatar, Egyptair, Royal Jordanian, Etihad
Emirates, Qatar, British Airways, Lufthansa, Austrian, Turkish, Alitalia
Cheap Flights to Libya, Airfares Starting at LYD138 Round trip for Libya Flights (LY)