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Cheap Flights to Klamath Falls

Did You Know?

There are 14 flights arriving in Klamath Falls per week.
The smallest aircraft flying into Klamath Falls is the Embraer 120 Brasilia with 30 seats.
14 nonstop domestic flights fly into Klamath Falls in a week.
There are 14 nonstop flights per week into Klamath Falls on small aircraft.
There are 14 nonstop short haul flights each week into Klamath Falls.
Klamath Falls connects with 2 cities nonstop.
The lengthiest nonstop flight to Klamath Falls lasts 1:30.
Only one airline has flights into Klamath Falls.
Cheap Flights to Klamath Falls - Airfares Starting at $192 round trip for Klamath Falls flights (LMT)