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Cheap Flights From Kelowna To Africa

Cheap Flights from Kelowna to Africa Countries

  • Kelowna to Algeria
  • Kelowna to Angola
  • Kelowna to Benin
  • Kelowna to Botswana
  • Kelowna to Burkina Faso
  • Kelowna to Burundi
  • Kelowna to Cameroon
  • Kelowna to Cape Verde
  • Kelowna to Central African Republic
  • Kelowna to Chad
  • Kelowna to Comoros
  • Kelowna to Congo
  • Kelowna to Cote D'ivoire
  • Kelowna to Democratic Republic of Congo
  • Kelowna to Djibouti
  • Kelowna to Equatorial Guinea
  • Kelowna to Eritrea
  • Kelowna to Ethiopia
  • Kelowna to Gabon
  • Kelowna to Gambia
  • Kelowna to Ghana
  • Kelowna to Guinea
  • Kelowna to Guinea-bissau
  • Kelowna to Kenya
  • Kelowna to Lesotho
  • Kelowna to Liberia
  • Kelowna to Libya
  • Kelowna to Madagascar
  • Kelowna to Malawi
  • Kelowna to Mali
  • Kelowna to Mauritania
  • Kelowna to Mauritius
  • Kelowna to Mayotte
  • Kelowna to Morocco
  • Kelowna to Mozambique
  • Kelowna to Namibia
  • Kelowna to Niger
  • Kelowna to Nigeria
  • Kelowna to North Korea
  • Kelowna to Reunion
  • Kelowna to Rwanda
  • Kelowna to Sao Tome And Principe
  • Kelowna to Senegal
  • Kelowna to Seychelles
  • Kelowna to Sierra Leone
  • Kelowna to Somalia
  • Kelowna to South Africa
  • Kelowna to St. Helena
  • Kelowna to Swaziland
  • Kelowna to Tanzania
  • Kelowna to Togo
  • Kelowna to Tunisia
  • Kelowna to Uganda
  • Kelowna to Zambia
  • Kelowna to Zimbabwe

Cheap International Flights from Kelowna - YLW

FlightsAirlineLowest Price
Kelowna to Johannesburg Air Canada, South African, WestJet CAD1,821
Kelowna to Nairobi Air Canada, Kenya, WestJet CAD1,958
Kelowna to Cape Town Air Canada, South African, WestJet Check Dates
Kelowna to Casablanca Air Canada Check Dates

Cheap International Flights to Africa - africa

FlightsAirlineLowest Price
Vancouver to Johannesburg Air Canada, South African, WestJet CAD1,197
Vancouver to Cape Town Air Canada, South African CAD1,227
Vancouver to Nairobi Air Canada, Kenya, Air Transat, WestJet CAD1,229
Vancouver to Mauritius Air Canada, Air Mauritius, WestJet CAD1,549
Vancouver to Lagos Air Canada, Air Transat, Arik Air CAD1,191
Vancouver to Dar Es Salaam Air Canada, Air Transat CAD1,223
Vancouver to Addis Ababa Air Canada, Ethiopian, Air Transat, WestJet CAD1,212
Vancouver to Accra Air Canada, Air Transat, WestJet CAD1,672
Vancouver to Entebbe Air Canada CAD1,227
Vancouver to Casablanca Air Canada, Royal Air Maroc, WestJet CAD948
Vancouver to Durban Air Canada, South African CAD1,547
Vancouver to Algiers Air Canada, Air Algerie, Air Transat CAD1,306
Vancouver to Tunis Air Canada, TunisAir, WestJet CAD975
Vancouver to Marrakech Air Canada, Royal Air Maroc, Air Transat, WestJet CAD1,090
Vancouver to Harare Air Canada CAD1,832
Vancouver to Kilimanjaro Air Canada, Precision Air, Air Transat, WestJet CAD1,592
Vancouver to Lusaka Air Canada CAD2,011
Vancouver to Kigali Air Canada, Air Transat, RwandAir CAD1,697
Spokane to Johannesburg American, South African, United CAD2,072
Vancouver to Abuja Air Canada Check Dates
Vancouver to Windhoek Air Canada, Air Namibia Check Dates
Vancouver to Mombasa Air Canada, Kenya CAD1,586
Vancouver to Rabat Air Canada, Royal Air Maroc Check Dates
Vancouver to Antananarivo Air Canada, Air Madagascar CAD2,258
Vancouver to Mahe Island Air Canada, Air Seychelles CAD2,589
Vancouver to Freetown Air Canada Check Dates
Cheap Flights from Kelowna to Africa, for Round trips from YLW to africa