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HOP! (A5) Cheapest Flight Deals Last modified: Jan 17, 2017 0:24 -05:00

Top Airline Competitors for HOP!

Total Departures/ArrivalsOverlapping Departures/Arrivals
HOP! - A5843--
Air France - AF85163629
Vueling Airlines - VY43155821
Brussels Airlines - SN3993619
Iberia - IB47127618
Volotea - V71269318

Latest HOP! Information Last modified: Dec 8, 2015 9:20:41 AM EST

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Why You Need to Book Your Thanksgiving Flights Today
Will you be flying this Thanksgiving weekend? Every day you wait to buy tickets is costing you $5 per ticket. If you've got a family of four, you'll lose $20 every day—or a whopping $140 every week you wait. So chop chop! That wake-up call comes from the airfare comparison shopping site FareCompare, which recently analyzed data for the top 100 markets for travel on popular routes to find the best... Continue reading
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Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Jan. 28
Something for everyone: miraculous flights, profanity and torture - plus another great use for our old friend, duct tape. Ouch: Man (allegedly) uses profanity on wrong airline - one owned by a company in Singapore. Due to its tough "modesty" laws, he could have been whacked with a cane. Instead he just faces jail time. Talk about dodging a bullet. Duct tape diapers: Two women are seen at JFK walking... Continue reading

HOP! Baggage Fees

With airline service fees and baggage fees continuing to rise, cost-conscious consumers may want to check for updated fees before making a travel decision. Current bag fees for HOP! are listed below. If you need more info, your carrier's web site should have more detailed information. Additionally, all airlines traveling from, to, or within the United States are required to specify all baggage and special item charges at the time of passenger fare quote.



See more information on rules, guidance, and enforcement orders for baggage issues at the U.S. Dept. of Transportation's Baggage Fee Disclosure Rules page.

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