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Cheap Tickets to Gosselies (CRL), Brussels

Did You Know?

The largest aircraft flying out of Gosselies is a 737 with 180 seats.
Over 3,796 passengers can travel out of Gosselies every week.
Gosselies has 5 flights departing per week for short haul destinations.
There are over 10 long haul flights per week from Gosselies.
The shortest flight out of Gosselies is 432 miles.
There are over 22 international flights per week from Gosselies.
Gosselies connects with 20 cities nonstop.
Gosselies has 20 medium sized aircraft departing each week.

Cheap International Flights to Gosselies - Brussels, Belgium - BRU

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Cheap Tickets to Gosselies (CRL) in Brussels