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Cheap Flights from Cuzco to Juliaca, Peru - CUZ to JUL (reverse)

Did You Know?

Only one airline operates between Cuzco, PE and Juliaca.
100% of all flights from Cuzco, PE to Juliaca leave during afternoon hours.
The quickest nonstop flight from Cuzco, PE to Juliaca lasts 1:00.
There are 364 flights from Cuzco, PE to Juliaca per week.
952 seats are available per week to fly direct from Cuzco, PE to Juliaca.
LAN Airlines provides 100% of the nonstop flights from Cuzco, PE to Juliaca.
The smallest aircraft flying nonstop from Cuzco, PE to Juliaca is the Airbus A319 with 136 seats.
LAN Airlines has 7 nonstop flights between Cuzco, PE and Juliaca.

Daily Non-stop Flight Schedules from Alejandro Velasco Astete to Inca Manco Capac

Earliest Flight
Latest Flight
2:55 PM
2:55 PM

Cheap Domestic Flights from Cuzco - CUZ

Lowest Price
Avianca TACA, Avianca, Peruvian, LAN

Cheap Domestic Flights to Juliaca - JUL

Lowest Price
Peruvian, LAN, Avianca TACA
LAN, Avianca TACA, Avianca
Avianca TACA, LAN
LAN, Avianca TACA

Cheap International Flights from Cuzco - CUZ

Lowest Price
Avianca, Avianca TACA, LAN
Avianca TACA, LAN, Avianca
LAN, Avianca TACA, Avianca
LAN, Avianca, Avianca TACA
Avianca TACA, Avianca, TAM, LAN
Avianca TACA, TAM, Avianca, LAN
LAN, Iberia, TAM, American

Cheap International Flights to Juliaca - JUL

Lowest Price
American, TAM, Iberia, LAN
TAM, Avianca TACA, American, LAN
TAM, American, LAN
Avianca TACA, TAM, American, LAN
LAN, American, TAM, Avianca TACA
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Cheap Flights from Cuzco to Juliaca, Peru, from $68 Round trip from CUZ to JUL