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Cheap Flights from Charleston to Memphis, TN, United States - CHS to MEM

Did You Know?

You must make at least one connection to fly from Charleston, SC to Memphis.
American Airlines has 490 connecting flights between Charleston, SC and Memphis.

Cheap Domestic Flights from Charleston - CHS

Lowest Price
AirTran, US, Delta, Alaska
JetBlue, US, United
United, Delta, American, US, JetBlue
United, Delta, American, US

Cheap Domestic Flights to Memphis - MEM

Lowest Price
US, United, Delta, American, AirTran
United, Delta, American, US, AirTran
Delta, AirTran, US, United
US, United, Delta
United, Delta, US
US, Delta, United
Delta, United, US
AirTran, United, Alaska, Delta, US
American, US, Delta, United
Alaska, United, Delta, US, American, AirTran, JetBlue
Delta, US, AirTran, Alaska
JetBlue, American, US, Delta, United, Alaska, AirTran
US, Delta, United
United, US, American, Delta
American, Delta, US, AirTran, United
Spirit, Delta, US
American, United, US, Delta
United, US, JetBlue, AirTran, American
US, American, United, AirTran, Delta, JetBlue
US, United, Delta
AirTran, American, Delta, United, US
Delta, United, American, US, AirTran
United, Delta, US
AirTran, American, JetBlue, US, Delta, United
AirTran, United, Delta, American, US
Delta, US, Alaska
Cheap Flights from Charleston to Memphis, TN, United States, from $313 Round trip from CHS to MEM