Taking Off

Magic Dates: Cheapest Days to Fly in 2016

If you’re planning a big summer vacation trip this year – or Spring Break jaunt or weekend getaway – bookmark this page. I analyzed FareCompare’s real-time airfare data for week-long trips from 15 major cities across the U.S. Result: the cheapest days to fly in 2016.  I call them the… Read More

Air Travel Predictions

Air Travel Forecast for 2016

What will happen in the world of air travel in 2016? The number one question I get is will the price of flights go up and I’ve got the answer. I also have other travel predictions that could could affect where you’ll go and when you’ll fly this year.  Don’t… Read More

Winter Holidays in Europe

Happy Holidays + Last-Minute Gift Idea

We hope you and yours enjoy this very special time of the year, so beautifully captured in the video below. Happy Holidays Whether you’re visiting an exciting new destination or sitting at home by a fire (or palm tree), we hope your holidays are wonderful Last Minute Gift Idea However,… Read More