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Plane Angst

5 Things to Guarantee a Lousy Trip

You’re all excited and why not – you’re going on vacation! – but did you think of everything? Most of us don’t so take a look at this list of things that could delay you or cost you money – things that will get your trip off to a lousy start.… Read More


Updated: April 28, 2016

Crowded cabin of plane

5 Ways to Find a Better Seat on the Plane

We may be getting bigger, but airplane seats sure aren’t. If you’re tired of squeezing your posterior (or legs) into a space seemingly designed for a toddler, this will help. Warning: Bigger or better seats usually come with a fee but some fees are worth the money. We help you get a better seat… Read More


Updated: April 19, 2016


Hawaii: Best Time to Fly and Buy for Cheapest Tickets

Hawaii is an endless array of natural wonders, sophisticated nightlife, vibrant culture, international dining and all those beautiful beaches. Add the warmth of a tropical sun and you really do have something close to paradise. The Aloha State can also be on the expensive side but not out of reach.… Read More


Updated: April 6, 2016

Plane Angst

7 Travel Problems that Drive You Crazy (and how to fix them)

  Travel can be an amazing experience, opening up new worlds filled with fascinating people,  natural wonders, iconic attractions.  It can also be a royal pain in the whatever, thanks to those everyday problems that drive you crazy. 7 Travel Problems that Drive You Crazy If these get to you, too, check out our… Read More


Published: March 29, 2016

Frustrating Flight

Your Airline Screwed Up. Now What?

Your airline screwed up: A bag is missing, you got bumped from the plane or maybe the flight was late and you missed an important meeting. Do you have any recourse? You can always complain and if you’re loud enough, you may get satisfaction. Airline Screw-ups: How to Complain Let… Read More


Updated: February 26, 2016

Rising Prices

Airlines Hike Fares – Again

LATEST – 6th airfare hike of the year fails. At 4 p.m. eastern on March 4, American and Delta rolled back their fares, as United did just a few hours earlier. [See chart below] UPDATE March 4 – At 1 p.m. eastern, United Airlines began rolling back its fares –… Read More


Updated: March 21, 2016

Crowded Planes

The Little-Known Airline Seat Fees

In one of my recent video podcasts I got a very interesting question from Max in Dallas who asked, “When the hell did airlines start charging for seats?” LISTEN: Rick explains when the hell this started. Airline Seat Fees Airline seat fees are becoming more common but you may not… Read More


Updated: February 18, 2016