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When it comes to travel, what inspires you to make a plan and go? Are you looking for flight deals to iconic cities or events around the world? Is it just ‘getting away from it all’, or seeing, with your own eyes, a different part of the world? Maybe it’s an annual… Read More

VIDEO: Six Tips to Saving on Fall Travel

Fall is one of the best times to travel. As airfare expert Rick Seaney points out, it’s a terrific combination of perfect weather and cheap prices. Take a look at the video below, and learn what you want to know: When to fly Where to go How to find the… Read More

Podcast: Rick Seaney on Fall Airfare Forecast

FareCompare co-founder and travel expert Rick Seaney offers money-saving tips and travel strategies in his weekly podcasts with FareCompare editor Anne McDermott. Got a topic suggestion for Rick? Tell us here. And check back each week for the latest. Transcript: Rick Seaney: Hey Everybody, thank you for joining us on FareCompare weekly… Read More