Airfare Hikes of 2014

2014 wasn’t even two weeks old when the airlines first began trying to raise ticket prices, and the attempts have continued. See the chart below for all the details including the ultimate success or failure of each attempted airfare hike. Airfare Hike Attempt #17 Sep19 Delta Launches New Airfare Hike Airfare… Read More

Podcast: Rick Seaney on Checked Baggage and Losing It

FareCompare co-founder and travel expert Rick Seaney offers money-saving tips and travel strategies in his weekly podcasts with FareCompare editor Anne McDermott. Got a topic suggestion for Rick? Tell us here. And check back each week for the latest.   Transcript: Rick Seaney: Hey Everybody, Thank you for joining us on Farecompare… Read More

Airfare Hikes of 2013

Airlines attempted to raise ticket prices days into the new year. See the chart below for all the details including the ultimate success or failure of each attempted airfare hike. List of 2013 Airfare Hike Airfare Hike Attempt #12 December 10 Delta-Initiated Domestic Airfare Hike has Failed Airfare Hike Attempt… Read More

Not Your Average Air Travel Stories: Week of Sept. 10

Booze hounds: Catering employees at JFK are accused of stealing liquor after investigation dubbed “Operation Last Call”. At one suspect’s home, officials recovered 50,000 mini-bottles. That could’ve served a lot of drunken passengers. She knows how to party: A woman on an Emirates flight got drunk before the flight, continued… Read More

Connecting Flights vs. Non-Stops

It is a no-brainer: you would prefer a non-stop flight to your final destination. But what if you could save money on airfare by purchasing a connecting flight? Would you bite? Listen as analyst Rick Seaney gives a quick rundown on non-stops vs. connecting flights: Cheapest Days to Fly, Best… Read More

International Travel Checklist

Preparing for a getaway to an overseas destination? Ensure you make the necessary preparations early and you will save yourself plenty of time, money and stress. Plan your overseas trip with FareCompare and this handy dandy checklist. We can make customs painless and have you jet-setting in no time. How… Read More

TSA – More Hated than the IRS?

When it comes to hated government bureaucracies, many Americans rank the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) right up there, probably because few enjoy shelling out money from hard-earned paychecks. TSA Turns 10: A Report Card TSA: One of ‘Most Disliked’ Agencies But according to one congressman, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) may… Read More

Top 5 Vacations for Couples

Anyone can jet to the Bahamas or Paris for a romantic getaway for two, but with the whole world at your disposal, why settle for some ordinary destination? We rounded up five unique vacations for couples – trips that you will still talk about on your 50th wedding anniversary. We… Read More