FareCompare Flight Search Tools Upgrade – Release Notes

Over the weekend, FareCompare updated many of its flight search features, as well as released a complete overhaul of its MyTrips trip planning dashboard.

The update included changes to all of our airfare and flight schedule tools, including the flyertalk application. Here are some highlights:

FareCompare Flight Search Products

Long-time users of FareCompare will find that many of these flight search tools have gotten a facelift. Additionally, these flight search tools have now been upgraded the latest version of the FareCompare itinerary listing. View FareCompare Flight Search Products.

FlyerTalk Mileage Run Search

This tool will be re-released built on a new and improved platform.

MyFareCompare – featuring My Trips and Fare Alerts

My FareCompare makes it easy to manage all of your flight planning preferences in one place. My FareCompare features two premier flight planning tools – FareCompare Fare Alerts and FareCompare MyTrips. Visit the all new MyFareCompare.

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Published: December 15, 2011