FareCompare Analysis for USAToday

FareCompare CEO, Rick Seaney, recently analyzed the cheapest round-trip coach fares for non-stop flights on 30 of the most-traveled domestic routes for USAToday’s travel editor, Gary Stoller.

FareCompare’s findings indicate that airlines are slashing prices aggressively, as compared to this time last year, in order to get butts into seats this winter. That means cheap flights and airfare sales abound, creating unprecedented access to cheap seats this winter.

Besides the decrease in airfares, Rick says major airlines have announced at least 20 sales since Dec. 30, including sales by Southwest and American. These discounted prices were valid for a few days, a week or more. Read INSERT STORY TITLE HERE.

Rick Seaney, FareCompare CEO, is the media’s go-to source for airline industry trends. Rick’s expert analysis appears daily at Rick Seaney’s FareCompare Labs blog (www.farecomparelabs.com) and in his weekly column for ABCNews.com.


Published: February 4, 2009