Podcast Transcript: A Round-up of Weird and Unusual Travel Advice

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Rick: Hey everybody. Thank you for joining us today on the FareCompare weekly podcast. My name is Rick Seaney. I am the co-founder of FareCompare.com. We are going to chat about some interesting things that have been picked up in a variety of advice. Of course we love to give airfare advice here but rarely do we give traveling fashion advice or animal advice or for that matter some fairytale advice. Joining me today to give a little bit of this more interesting unusual travel advice is our editor from the site from California, Anne McDermott. Hey Anne.

Anne: I am trying to picture what is your favorite advice topic? Is it the animal advice or the fashion advice.

Rick: Well there was a couple different ones. The fashion advice. I was sort of. I know you picked several of these from a variety of stuff we sort of reviewed but I love this one for tourists in New York. Please do not wear your backpack on the front because you look silly. And it is like, you know, a lot of people do that because they think that somebody is going to run by and rip off their backpack and the secondary part of that advice is please do not wear your I love New York t-shirt until you leave. So I thought that was quite a good piece of advice.

Anne: They may run by and just rip the back pack off if it is on your front because they can not stand it.

Rick: Yeah I have never seen that occur in Manhattan or in Time Square but maybe it does happen from time to time. The animal advice I thought was kind of funny too. They go into this long piece of advice about a bear rubbing its belly, tapping its head, growling and doing a variety of things. Then say, “You should be a little bit worried about it.” I think just seeing a bear would probably be the worrisome part. Not about its antics and how to handle those. I am going to be traveling to England here in the next few weeks. I have been studying up on how to drive on the left hand side. I will see if there are any mule rules there in England as well.

Anne: Good luck with that. You know we have some quirky travel advice here on things you can see. I am sure there are loads of that throughout the United Kingdom but we do have the quirky travel guy who told us about soft monkey statues in Rockford, Illinois. Personally, I am going to put on my must see list.

Rick: They have these lists where the Worlds Biggest Ball of String. One of the most interesting monuments that I have ever visited. I was in Enterprise, Alabama. They have this huge monument to the Boll Weevil. It is like this big statues. I queried, “Why would you want to have a monument to the Boll Weevil?”. The answer was, “Well the Boll Weevil eat cotton so we actually switched from farming cotton to peanuts and then made a truck load of money in the area.”. So it is like the Boll Weevil ate the cotton. It forced us to farm peanuts and peanuts were much more lucrative.

Anne: OK.

Rick: You will have to see it. It is a full five or six foot Bool Weevil which the people in the area are quite happy to get you to visit.

Anne: What is it made out of, Rick?

Rick: I can not remember. I think it was some form of metal. I am not sure. I am pretty sure it was not gold but it was some form of metal. So you will have to check that out outside of Enterprise, Alabama.

Anne: The final advice offered in this particular post is about attitude. It is attitude regarding New Yorkers. Incase you feel they are a little gruff you should read this particular advice. It comes from Time Magazine and it says, “If you are treated rudely here don’t take it personally. It’s just a locals way of welcoming you to the city.” And by the way, don’t call it the Big Apple or they will bite your head off.

Rick: You know I will be honest with you. I have never really been around New Yorkers that I thought were that gruff but maybe I am not traveling in the right circles. Maybe I need to head out to Brooklyn or a Yankees game or a Mets game and maybe I will get a little more gruffness.

Anne: Yeah. Anyway. Bear this in mind everyone.

Rick: There ya go. Yeah so there is plenty more whimsical animal advice and fashion advice for those folks out there. If you plan to dress like Michael Jackson looking like Captain Crunch, that is another piece of advice I would strongly suggest you do not do.

Anne: Good plan. Thanks Rick.


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Published: July 21, 2014