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What’s it’s like to Work with Us? We Send an Employee to Mars

Rick Seaney, CEO and Co-Founder, FareCompare

FareCompare CEO Rick Seaney
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Rick Seaney is an internationally known airfare expert and air travel analyst as well as the media’s go-to source for breaking aviation industry news. The FareCompare CEO and co-founder’s mission is clear: “help consumers beat the airfare game.” Rick pens weekly columns for ABCNews and USA Today and is quoted regularly in the pages of the New York Times, Wall St. Journal and Huffington Post.

In 2000, Rick co-founded XXI Technologies with FareCompare co-founder Graeme Wallace. Since FareCompare’s debut in March of 2006, the site has become a leading site for trusted air travel advice, real-time airfare alerts and smart trip-management tools.

Rick and his family are enthusiastic world travelers. His daughter received her first frequent flyer membership card when she was just two years old and amassed more than 50,000 lifetime miles by age nine. Rick himself flies more than 70,000 miles each year.

His favorite destination: Florence, Italy.

Graeme Wallace, Chief Technology Officer and Co-Founder, FareCompare

FareCompare CTO Graeme Wallace
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Graeme Wallace’s 25-year career in software development has spanned industries ranging from oil and gas to software distribution to data visualization. As co-founder of Dallas-based FareCompare, Graeme leads multiple teams including Core Airfare Pricing Technology, Systems Integration, Web Development, IT Infrastructure and Strategy and Alliances. Graeme is also a major stakeholder and Board of Directors member.

In 2000, Graeme co-founded XXI Technologies with FareCompare co-founder Rick Seaney. As Chief Technology Officer, Graeme developed products for a wide array of travel-related tech firms including, ATPCO, FareCast, Accor, Expedia and Farelogix.

Graeme received a BSc in computer science from the University Of Edinburgh. He resides with his family in Colorado where he enjoys cycling, skiing and helping develop a small local potato chip company.

Ken Cannon, Head of Sales, FareCompare

Ken Cannon
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Ken Cannon joined FareCompare in March of 2009 to lead advertising sales and airline relations for the FareCompare. In past positions, Ken was Director of Business Development for a leading Dallas interactive ad agency, and marketed SEO and search engine services for a Boston firm acquired by Verizon in 2006.

In the past few years, Ken has traveled extensively. Destinations include Montreal, Barcelona, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore, and Berlin. One of Ken’s favorite getaways is Las Vegas, where he and his wife Angie were married. They are raising their two children, Taylor and Maddox, in Dallas.

Paula Hollifield, Development Director of Core Systems, FareCompare

Paula Hollifield

As the leader of FareCompare Core Systems, Paula and her team perform a variety of high-tech functions to help you find the best airfare every time you shop. Paula analyzes massive amounts of airfare data in order to detect fare changes, price hikes and other airline activity. This data powers our FareCompare Real-Time Fare Alerts.

Paula and her family enjoy traveling, especially “anywhere we can find a good deal.”

Jeremy Jameson, Director of Strategy and Corporate Development, FareCompare

Jeremy Jameson

Jeremy’s mandate is to help shape the long-term vision of FareCompare by providing strategic planning, which includes cultivating partnerships across the travel industry and developing strategic alliances. A graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, Jeremy previously worked as Corporate Strategist for Southwest Airlines, oversaw Global Merchandising Programs for Sabre Travel Network and led international expansion strategies for Travelocity and GetThere. He is currently a dual resident of the Dallas-Fort Worth area and Sao Paulo, Brazil.

“My perfect destination,” says this global traveler, “is Ilhabela (“Beautiful Island”) which is about a 90-minute drive from Sao Paulo City.”

Donnie Robertson, Director of Development, FareCompare

Donnie Robertson

Donnie is responsible for the team of techies that makes the FareCompare website tick. He first started programming computers back in the 1980′s and “loves all things internet.” Not surprisingly, FareCompare co-founders Rick Seaney and Graeme Wallace recognized Donnie’s “geek genius” early and collaborated with him on a variety of dot-com ventures – the latest of which was creating

In his spare time, Donnie travels the world. The cycling enthusiast’s favorite destinations include any place he can get on his bike and hit the road.