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Welcome to FareCompare’s Customer Service page. Our goal is to empower you to make the best travel purchase decisions and get you latest travel advice. We know that questions can arise and we’re here to help. Check out the options below for getting in contact with us:

Manage Email Preferences

Trust us, we understand if you’re getting too many emails (or maybe not enough?) from us. Also, maybe your travel preferences have changed recently and you want a different travel alert. Click the link below to update your settings.

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Help with Flight Search

Have a questions about flight search and want to correspond with a human? Feel free to email Customer Service or use our Contact Form. We’re here to help you find the best flight deal for your next trip.

Help with Hotels

Uh oh, did your plans change? Not a problem, you can get help with that hotel deal you booked with us. We understand life happens and our hotel partners are happy to assist.

Call 1-877-477-7441 (24/7 assistance) or visit Please have your Trip Number and the phone number you entered while making your reservation available when you call.

Corporate Headquarters

We are located deep in the heart of Texas. The Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex is one of the fastest growing areas in the United States and of course, it’s easy to travel most anywhere from here. We’re a friendly group of people, so feel free to say hello.

FareCompare LP
18111 Preston Road, Suite 800
Dallas, TX 75252

Connect with Us

There are several ways to get a hold of us, and we promise to respond within a business day or two. Whether you’re a journalist, advertiser, partner or just have some general questions about FareCompare, check out one of these links below:

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Sometimes forms or email aren’t want you need, so check us out on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Google+ for some further travel inspiration. You can also leave comments and questions too, we’re always listening.